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Dr. The screws arent loose they are missing.... woosa
Get Tarded!
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Dr. The screws arent loose they are missing.... woosa - April 19, 2011, 01:17 AM

Dr. The screws aren't loose they are missing.... woosa

Well last week was horrifically shitty 10-15 hour shifts for 6 days, I was supposed to have a pass on my birthday... well I received a call telling me to drop what I was doing and bring my ass in well it was a BS meeting to let me know they needed some papers. They decided to do a sneak inspection on my room when I stepped out unaware to me. Well I returned cleaned my shit then came back in.

After a hour or so I am called into my supervisors office.... close the door *FML, well so and so went through your crap today they are mandating paper work and you will be receiving a poor mark on your annual performance report. (For f-sake I was doing my laundry and it was 90 degrees in my room due to the heat being left on so I had the window open)..... Happy birthday... well I made it to the CAKE show.... Woosa

Well the following day I was vol-untold to help out with a base event, well the people planning it dropped the ball and were supposed to pick up a trailer with the goods as I found out at the event location. I was the only one with a truck and a 2Ē ball so I jumped on the bike and dashed back to grab my truck on the other side of base. Well I set my gear on my roof as I take a phone call from a co-worker who canít figure out how to wipe their own ass so I sit in the truck and walk them through it.

A few minutes later I close the door and pull out, after I leave the parking lot I pass through the intersection to hear a thump Thump SMACK! I see my 10 month old helmet fly off the roof smash into my mirror and smack into the ground......WOOsa...

The following day is now Saturday we are recalled for a fun filled day of death by power point, and a GI after party lucky me...... WOOSA

Sunday was a lot of little BS I try-ed to rest as much as I could..... pretty much staring at the ceiling trying to sleep for four hours.

Today not to bad left early to drop off some work items for modifications so the new guys can start working. Not a bad ride only two people tried to kill me... went to pick up some parts to fix a co- workers laptop some retard tried to play chicken with me on the way over to radio shack I moved over and slowed down HE WAS ON MY SIDE OF THE DIVIDER driving against traffic I nearly shat myself I had no where to go.

Finally made it the radio shack bought the crap, ran into a distressed woman from out of town with her elderly mother and children who couldn't find their hotel. I led the way on my bike and received a nice warm verbal thank you.

Then I went south to harbor freight for some needed items, I took a few side roads and noticed a intriguing power-line trail (It turned out to be cool as hell with hill climbs!) As I was coming around a bend I came ac-cross a suspect looking guy... he had me worried I had no room to turn around.

As I cautiously approached him, he was friendly, mid-late 30ís, pretty sunburned/ tan wearing nothing but ACU pants bloused into work boots and a unbuttoned ACU blouse the ACU looked very new. I was a little befuddled by the fact he was fairly clean shaven and had a high and tight with clean head phone blasting music. He asked for $2 I told him I didnít have it he smiled got exited about the bike and started telling me where the good trails were. I asked if he was in the Army he was very annoyed by my question I tryed to be tactful and back pedal and he hastily responded back along the lines of nobody one owns me. I started to nervously motor on, he abruptly sprinted ahead to make sure I hit the good trail... worried I was being set up for a ambush I keep my eyes open and my hand ready to drop the clutch.

Well it turned out not to be a set up and there were some really good trails, and oddly enought it spit me out near closer to harbor freight.

I went in bought my shit and 20-30 minutes later came out side my fucking tire was flat..... and my phone had died. Went back in and very reluctantly bought a bottle of slime. Gently putted over to the gas station and aired up the tire no leaks to be found, but I put the slime in to be safe so I could get back to DC (I really wonder if someone had just let the air out of I punctured it on the power line trail and the tube shifted)...

Well I decided to take route 1 back up for safety, and near chili's south of the beltway I hoped up on the curb when I hit reserve, the bike was warm and a little cranky. I flipped the petcock over and fired the bike up and moved over to the cross walk. and some high school/ college turd in a blue corolla s with window paint comes pretty damn close to me on the curb honking the horn a few times, I shrug my shoulder and move to merge north and the turd abruptly stops when I turn my head half way down the block and it looked like he was rolling the window down.

So I stood up on the bike and flipped a bitch to ask the kid to calmly ask what his issue was as soon as I stood up on the bike and approached the car I think the kid shit himself and sped off..... a little irritated I figured I would follow him a few miles to try and scare him I figured due to how he was driving and the estimated age I wasnít to worried about a gun but I kept that in the back of my mind I really just wanted to know know wtf the kids problem was. I stayed out of the way as to not but my bike in a vulnerable spot. I attempted to follow him to get the plate with my camera at a light but he kept blowing thought them.

Finally he pulled into a parking lot that was poorly lit and made me feel uneasy, I started to turn around and the damn corolla gassed it it jump the curb.... holy shit and then ripped through the dirt and ditch into another parking lot, I just remember thinking wtf well I can do it to.......

Sure as shit as soon as I touched down four of FFX county's finest came ripping out of the darkness........ I just pulled up next to the kid and took the helmet off the cops took my IDís they were far nicer than I expected. They basically re-itifyed how stupid I was to follow a strangers cars in DC, and clarified a plate number means crap unless they have video evidence of a officer catches them in the act... no ticket, I could tell the cops were not happy with me... I will be on much better behavior.

I think I need a breather, and a damn tire WOOOOOOOOSA

Well I needed to vent... now to start hunting for a tire and a new rear brake rotor, looks like I bent the shit out of it. woosa

08 Dizzzer SM
08 Z1000
98 KLR 650
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someone adopt a newb
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April 19, 2011, 06:55 AM

Damn, sounds like a bad few days. BTW, dont follow strangers with candy Glad it turned out well considering.

Originally Posted by vonstallin
That shit is like wearing a condom your whole life while living in DC, but going to brazil and going bare back with all the chicks because they look better.

So next time you feel the need to prove to the world that you should have been euthanized as a child, do it in someone else's thread.

"No such thing as to pretty to ride. The prettier they are the harder you should ride them. This is also true when it comes to woman." Nubbs

Thank you,


2006 SV650: RIP
1982 Yamaha XJ650: Went old school, but moving on
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