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Insurance lesson from New York
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Insurance lesson from New York - October 6, 2006, 04:08 PM

Poor guy
Insurance Lesson (Theft Related)
A free lesson for you all, if some of you guys can recall, my bike was stolen around May of 2006. It was quickly recovered just two days later. At the time I was the happiest person in the world, I was glad I got my bike back and I figured since I have insurance they would cover the damages. BOY WAS I WAYYYY THE FUGG OFF! This however isnít about me, this is a lesson I am going to give you, free of charge unlike how much it cost me OVER $3000!!! Here we goÖ.

Lesson 1:
First get insurance for your bike, DO NOT SKIMP!!! DO NOT GO WITH A NO NAME COMPANY THAT NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT, search BBB (Better Business Bureau) to see how they are and if there are ANY complaints if there is AVOID THEM! I recommend companies like State Farm, Progressive, Allstate or Geico. Yes they are expensive but they do not mess around and they get things done FAST! If there are other reputable insurance companies (i.e. Riders for New Jersey) you can go with them too.

Lesson 1a: READ OVER YOUR POLICY!!!!!! I cannot begin to stress how important this is, some companies will only cover for your ďstockĒ bike, if you have aftermarket parts MAKE SURE YOU REPORT THEM!!! In the event you have the bike inspected and the bike is still stock and you later on decide to add on an aftermarket part, MAKE SURE YOU CLAIM IT!!! That means keep receipts, and have an appraiser take legit photos to send to insurance company. The insurance company will not cover it if you donít have it down on record. Some insurance companies are good they will cover up to the amount you have the bike insured for, no if ands or buts. Check your deductible, I recommend putting it at $500, the insurance rate will be higher but your payout in an event of accident, theft, etc will be less.

Lesson 2:
In the event of theft, PRAY LONG AND HARD YOU DO NOT GET YOUR BIKE BACK. YOU DONíT WANT IT BACK! Whoever took it violated her, abused her and neglected her. Why? Because that asshole didnít pay for her or spend a dime on her, so to them its either going to be chopped up or used for stunting. YOU DONíT WANT HER BACK TRUST ME! Donít post your VIN # on line, in the paper or even hand up LOST posters, donít ask other people to look out for the missing bike. DO NOT PUT A LOJACK ON HER! By the time cops find her, its already too late, damages have been done. Let her go. Immediately call the police (NOT YOUR MOM, DAD, AUNT, whateverÖÖTHE POLICE) to have them come to you and file a police report & complaint #. Each state varies but you get the idea. GET A COPY OF POLICE REPORT FOR YOURSELF! After thatís all done call your insurance company and file a claim. DO NOT, and I REPEAT DO NOT SAY SHIT over the phone, tell them you will explain everything during the affidavit of theft interview. DONíT TELL THEM HOW IT WAS STOLEN!!!! JUST TELL THEM IT WAS STOLEN AND YOU HAVE NO CLUE! SIT BACK WAIT FOR INTERVIEW

Lesson 2a:
During interview have all your papers ready, when I say ALL papers I mean ALL papers.
- Bill of Sales
- Finance Agreement
- Driver License
- Registration
- Title
- ALL proofs of ownership
- Your keys (make sure you have 2 sets!)
- Any and ALL repair, maintenance, and aftermarket parts receipts.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Tell them everything; do not lie because there is no need to. Also DO NOT RUSH LIKE I DID, take your time fill out ALL the proper paperwork. Break out all old paperwork to back up your claims and any information you give them. ANY previous damages let them know and make sure you have receipts to back up your repairs. COVER ALL YOUR BASES. If you spent X amount of money write down X amount of money not X+XXXXX, JUST X itself. DO NOT UNDER CLAIM either, I was rushing and put down a lot less damage then I originally thought, 100% my fault! And donít make it yours. After the interview is done make the guy print out a copy, if he doesnít have a printer offer him your printer, MAKE SURE YOU GET A COPY TO READ OVER!!!! DO NOT JUST SIGN IT!!!! After everything is read over and you are happy have everything notarized, save a copy for yourself and mail the other one out to whomever you have to mail it to.

Lesson 3:
In the event you get your bike back, IMMEDIATELY! And I CANNOT stress this enough, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! Take it home. That means go to the police station ask them where it is, if itís in their yard call your own tow company and have it hauled to your house, if its already at a impound go there and get your bike out and tow it home. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RIDE IT HOME!! They will not let you because it is still considered stolen until you change your plates! THE BIKE IS YOURS, NOT the police, not the court, not the insurance companies. ITS YOURS so DONíT let them tell you, you cannot take it home. Have proof of ownership, driver license and other documents that can prove the bike is yours before you head over.

Lesson 3a:
When you get it home take pictures, 2 sets if possible. 1 disposable camera for the printout and a digital for the in case shit happen. Also call and appraiser, donít call someone you know cause thatís not going to hold up, donít bother with dealerships cause they will jack up the price so high the insurance company will think you are on crack. Get someone who is neutral, have him or her look over the bike and give you and estimate. The insurance company will send someone over also and they will do the same. DONíT HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH THE APPRAISER. TELL HIM/HER where the bike is and let them do their thing. DONíT HELP THEM, DONíT ACKNOWLEDGE THEM, just let them do their job. If they ask you what happened just say, ďmy lawyer told me not to discuss what happened with youĒ and leave it at that. When they are done ask them for a copy, they are obligated to give you one because its your bike they are dealing with. Compare the 2 and make sure they are legit.

Lesson 4:
Chances are if you followed the instructions Iíve given you the claim process should have been smooth and easy, especially if you went with a big name company. If not then you are probably in the Under Oath Examination stage. If you are here, GET YOURSELF A LAWYER, do not think you will be able to go one on one with a lawyer; they are trained to make you stumble. I had gone in thinking it would be an easy 1-2-3 process but it wasnít. Because I didnít know I didnít get a lawyer cause that would of helped me out. From here on out your lawyer should be able to help you more than I can, explain everything to your lawyer and make sure he has ALL the documents, interviews, receipts, etc.

Lesson 4a:
During the interview the insurance companyís lawyer will ask you how much you make and what do you do with the money. Be honest and at the same time do not make it seem you are strapped for cash. Make it sound like you have money in the bank but you are going after the insurance company because you paid for a policy to insure your bike and you want to make sure its policy is enforced. Money is not an issue itís the principle.

This is the best lesson I can give anyone of you guys, it cost me a lot to get it and in the end I feel like Iíve only failed myself for not keeping better records, not rushing through things, and getting myself a lawyer. But whatís done is done and I am taking this lesson and passing it onto you. DO NOT let these cause intimidate you, you have right, it is your bike, not theirs and YOU paid for a policy they need to make good on. Best of luck to everyone, ride safe.

Final NOTE: if you live in NY and belong to an insurance company named UTICA MUTUAL GROUP, CANCEL your policy right away!


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October 6, 2006, 04:44 PM

I guess Virginia works differently

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October 6, 2006, 05:02 PM

Lesson 1:
First get insurance for your bike, DO NOT SKIMP! I recommend companies like State Farm, Progressive, Allstate or Geico.


Two things in this that are worth a dime.

The rest is anecdotal. I hate stories like that. I keep thinking of an 18 year old jacked up on red bull typing away on his brother's imac.

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October 6, 2006, 06:15 PM

I dont agree with a lot of that stuff. There ust have been WAY more involved in his theft.

But, you should read over your policy. But thats a no brainer! Always stick with a reputable company. And about the tags, thats not true. Once its recovered, its taken out of the system (USUALLY!) and keep the paperwork on hand saying it was recovered. SOmetimes it might take a little while to get it out of the system. Keep all receipts- yes. If you recover the bike soon after the theft, its still yours! But remember,, if you go to the tow lot and try to pick it up, they are going to charge YOU! Not your insurance company! (pickup charge plus daily fees)

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