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NESBA NJMP Lighting 05APR10
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NESBA NJMP Lighting 05APR10 - April 7, 2010, 07:19 PM

Let me start off with a little review of nesba. This is my second track day with them. And after my first day, I wasn't too impressed. I probably wouldn't had done this day if it weren't for the half day credit I was given from my first day. LVegaJr. wanted to do a track day asap and I needed to use my credit this month or I was gonna loss it. So I signed up expecting a crowded day with CR's flexing their ego's. I was surprised that the B group wasn't over crowded. The CR's did an awesome job keeping the track organized. This resulted in me having multiply sessions with open track. Only one time did I head into the pits after catching up to the back of a pack of slower riders. All but one session was red flagged. One red flag was for a cone that was clipped an jumped into the track. After the corner worker was able to get the cone, we were sent back out. Those issues obviously are out of nesba's control. They were able to fit in another morning session before lunch that turned out to be the best session for me. I really found a good rhythm and linked up with a CR. A really short lunch was followed by our B group meeting. My day was cut short due to LVegaJr. taking a spill and having to take a ride to the hospital. In the end, I came away with really good experience with nesba.

If I could change anything that had the most impact on the day it would be this: I don't think the racers should start out in B group only because they haven't ridden with nesba before. I think their evaluation should be done in I group. There is no reason for them to start off in B. The first accident of the day was caused by a couple of racers overtaking and spooking a new rider. Of course this could have a lot to do with the new rider. But the thought is that this rider was getting passed by two riders on his right at the same time. We think he was making his way over to the right side of the track like he was told when a third rider was already there. I understand that just because anyone can get race lic doesn't mean that they are fast or whatever. I just think that it makes more sense to do an evaluation of these riders in a higher skill level and if they don't meet your standards, then bump them down to B.

My day- I'm all sorts of nervous sitting in the pit lane waiting to get on the track. As we were heading out there I noticed that the I group had been red flagged. After sitting there for a couple of minutes, we all realized the clean up crew were on the track and it might be a while. We all killed our bikes and took off our helmets. We walked around and bull shitted and laughed. This made me totally forget to be nervous about entering the track. Next thing I know I entering the track and everything felt right in the world. Made sure I looked around and spotted the flag stations and cones on the first couple of parade laps. Then we were let lose. Red flagged shortly after that for a wreck.

Session two- Parade laps used to put the eyes on the cones. When we were let lose, I started working on hitting the points at a quicker pace. I managed to work in some passing and how I would set someone up for passing. I identified I was having an issue with turn 1. Red Flagged again. Talked to a CR after that session and told him I was blowing turn one really bad. He asked me if I could identify my turning point. I told him no, I was more concerned with my speed. He told me to work on identify my turning point and not worry as much about the speed.

Session three- Jumped out on the track with no parade laps and started working on turn one. After the second lap I was nailing turn one almost perfect. Even got the front to left a couple of times! Then the CR I was talking to passed me and gave me the sign to follow him. Following him I realized a couple of spots I needed to clean up. One of the biggest was entry into the bowl. I was going in the bowl very high and the ideal spot was to hit the bowl right in the middle of the track. The next to the last lap I had the CR behind me again and I came rocking out of the bowl. As I come over the crest of the hill on the straight, my bike seems like it is doing a B line for the left side of the track. I fell my front dip off the track and I hear the CR and another rider pass by me on the right as I backed off the throttle. I'm at triple digit speed with my front tire in the dirt and I just keep on repeating to myself, "do not touch the brake". Like magic, seriously, the front comes back on the track. I grab the throttle to get my pace back up hoping and praying that this was all for nothing I get asspacked. I tell myself I need a breather and I'm heading to the pits. I notice the white flag. So I'm not going to miss much anyways. before I make it to the bowl, the session is Red Flagged. I pull in and wait for the CR. Told me my lines were great and I really cleaned up turn 1 and the bowl minus the last lap. He said for sure he thought I was done. Told me nice save!

Session 4- This was the best session for me. I pulled everything together and felt like everything was smooth. I wasn't the fastest guy out there but everything felt right. I had lots of open track after passing a couple of riders. That one session made my trip up there and back completely worth it.

Session 5- After lunch and the meeting, we head out on the track with some more passing zones. In my mind the thought that with this new areas for passing, it was gonna make the track seem new again. So I was reserved and wanted to see how everyone else was going to react to this additional freedom. Well, I didn't get a chance to explore these newly opened passing areas because my buddy LVegaJr. took a spill going into turn 1. I come over the crest in the straight and see the ride flag. I look up into turn one and see LVegaJr. walking off the track. First thing I said of course was I hope he is okay. Then I start scanning of bike/bike parts. I see his bike as I enter turn one and its like 40-50 yards off the track. I ended my day after that. Lou was upset that I didnt get back out and ride the rest of the day. My head wasn't in the game anymore after that. Packed up and headed to pick up Lou.

Lou- Thanks for coming up there with me. I had a blast! I would do it all over again just to experience session #4 over again. Can't wait till we can do it again! Heal up son!

Matt K.
09 R6
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Mojito Anyone?
onel0wcubn's Avatar
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Location: La Habana
April 9, 2010, 12:35 PM

Sweet.. love that track! glad you had a good time!

ay ya yay
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AMA Superbike Champ
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April 10, 2010, 07:23 PM

nothing like a day at the track, cant wait to to njmp this year. and fyi, riders with an expert race liscense can sign up directly into "A" group. and i believe you can also sign up into "I" for your first track day, but if you register in "B" then your stuck there until you get bumped.
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April 10, 2010, 11:16 PM

Originally Posted by VFR Matt View Post
If I could change anything that had the most impact on the day it would be this: I don't think the racers should start out in B group only because they haven't ridden with nesba before. I think their evaluation should be done in I group. There is no reason for them to start off in B.
NESBA believes their rules, and only their evaluation of a rider, determines who goes in what group. Thus, a lot of people get frustrated with NESBA b/c they adhere to it conveniently....what I mean is that if either of those racers (assuming they were licensed racers) were tight with a CR or some one in NESBA they never would be put in B. Hence there gets to be some politics/favoritism in NESBA.

That being said, if there were 2 real racers at the TD and no CR could vouch for them or knew of them they may just be some fast dudes ripping up B group - which most of B group will be capable of mid to late season if they do a lot TDs.
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I got a need for Speed!_!
thespectralsorrows's Avatar
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April 12, 2010, 12:22 PM

Sounds like red flag heaven, wonder how many more after you stopped riding? Those folks need to remember "Crashing is not allowed".

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kickass, lighting, mother fuck yea, nesba, njmp

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